Kyangwali Refugee Settlement

The Kyangwali Refugee Settlement is located in Western Uganda, 80 km from Hoima. Kyangwali hosts approximately 25,000 mostly Congolese and Sudanese refugees. There are also refugees from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, and South Sudan.

Many of the refugees in Kyangwali lack food; clean water; medical care; freedom of movement; housing; an education – just about everything we in the industrialized nations take for granted. The number of people dying from preventable or curable diseases, orphaned, and facing a drastically reduced life expectancy is staggering.

Peopleweaver Kyangwali Women's Microcredit Loans

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Take The Magic Step - Uta Pippig Peopleweaver microcredit Kyangwali Uganda ICU Eyewear donates reading glasses to Peopleweaver for Congolese refugees


Peopleweaver microcredit Kyangwali Uganda


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