Cost to complete one mill project is $3,500. This includes all costs such as purchase of mill, transport of mill to Kyangwali, construction of mill building, installation of mill, tools, parts, etc.

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Kyangwali Women's Micro Credit mill project

Kyangwali Women's Micro Credit mill project

Kyangwali Women's Micro Credit mill project

Kyangwali Women's Micro Credit mill project
Evarist Kabeni is a mill expert; he lives in Kyangwali.

Mill Project

Both the 2009 and 2010 mills are operating profitably.

This project provides the capital to start a mill business. For a reasonable fee, the women provide milling services to others in the area. Part of the profits are used for agreed upon community projects.

The women of the Kyangwali Women’s Microcredit Project produce maize and sorghum. They want to build a mill within their community because milled grain is more marketable. PeopleWeaver will purchase the motorized mill and fund the construction of the mill shelter. The shelter will be built by MC members. PeopleWeaver provides training in project management, mill maintenance, organizational development and community involvement.

Currently, the women must pay to have their grains milled. This is an obvious financial burden which many can't afford. Those who can't pay must grind it by hand for their families. Hand–grinding maize takes hours, as opposed to minutes in a mill.

Milled grains sell at a higher price in the markets. For a reasonable fee, the women will also provide milling services to others in the area. The work the women do with the mill will promote gender equity and improve their ability to support their families. This project is an example of sustainable development. Not just one or a handful of individuals benefit from the mill partnership, but the entire community. The women will gain business and partnership skills, and confidence, as well as a respected position in the community.

Benson Wereje discusses the Mill Project


  • Evarist Kabeni is employeed by the women to operate and maintain both mills.
  • The women held a celebration for the success of the mills. They prepared food and drinks to share. The women spoke how the mills have improved their lives. Evarist gave a summary of the mill's operation. Janine Nyirasafari took meeting minutes.
  • The women selected 20 needy people and ground their maize for free.

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