Loan Applicants and Recipients


  Entrepreneur Refugee* Description
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans, Uganda Bashimiki, Bernadette5,11,120 Congolese Bernadette uses crutches to walk...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans, Uganda Batezi, Ruth4,11,120,138 Congolese Ruth's husband abuses... MORE
Peopleweaver Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans, Uganda Bazayirwa, Rachael Sifa (Afiya, Nyirabazairwa-same girl different names)2,8,100,115,p

Repaid 1st loan, received 2nd loan12,200

Congolese Rachael is an orphan who... MORE
Peopleweaver Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans, Uganda Bazubafite, Dassy6,11,150 Congolese Dassy cares for six people, one is an orphan...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Chimanizanye, Beatrice 11,120,p Congolese Beatrice's husband had an accident...MORE
refugee microcredit Uganda Chimpaye, Colodina13,100,p Congolese Colodina cares for a boy who's life she would like...MORE
Peopleweaver Kyangwali Microfinance MicroCredit Congolese women's empowerment Dushime, Rose12,250,pd200 (Evarist) Congolese Rose has 8 children, she is married to...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Esperence, YaYa2,11,120,p — 12,200,p

Repaid 1st and 2nd loans

Congolese YaYa lives with her younger...MORE
refugee microcredit Uganda Francoise, Sifa4,11,180 Congolese Sifa's husband had cerebral malaria...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Furaha, Antoinette1,8,120,138,g

Received 2nd loan11,120,g

Congolese Antoinette works to support herself and her mother...MORE
spacer Furaha, Mariya5,9,120,p — 12,200

Repaid 1st loan, received 2nd loan

Rwandese Mariya fears for her safety...MORE
spacer Kalinda Ndayambaje Enoch13,300,p,chicago Congolese Kalinda is an orphan who has been helped by...MORE
spacer Kigarama, Runigi (Annonciata)9,8,120,138,p Congolese Runigi's teenager daughter died in 2009...MORE
spacer Liticia12,150 Congolese To be updated
Congolese Refugee Microcredit - Solange Mahirwe Mahirwe, Solange (Nyiragasanzwe)1,11,120,138 Congolese Solange is very active in Kyangwali community projects...MORE
spacer Mahoro, Folora4,9,100,p Rwandan, immigrated to the USA (2015) Folora's two year old daughter suffers...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Mahoro, Sifa (Naomi)3,8,120,138,p Congolese Sifa has one son and a sister...MORE
spacer Mapendo, Christine 9,120,100p,owes 20k+int

Christine has paid 100,000sh, she still owes 20,000 and loan interest.

Congolese Christine is married to JP Amani a Coburwas leader... MORE
Kyangwali Women's Microcredit Project Mbitsemenshi (M. Bitse), Angelique6,9,120,bd Congolese Angelique is 18 years old. She lives with...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Mbitsemunda, Maderena 6,8,120,p–11,150,p

Repaid 1st and 2nd loans.

Congolese, immigrated to Norway (2015) Maderena's husband died in 1984... MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Monga, Yvonne5,11,100,115,p
Rwandese Yvonne was separated from her mother... MORE
Peopleweaver Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Mujyawimana, Concesa6,9,120,p
Rwandese Concesa is weakened by an unknown illness... MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Mukarutako, Sarafina 6,8,120,p–11,100,p

Purchased sewing machine with loan

Repaid 1st and 2nd loans

Congolese Sarafina struggles to care for six...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Namukisa, Cecile5,11,120 Congolese Cecile eventually would like to start a bakery...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Neema, Joyce,13,600,p300 Congolese Neema is a teacher who recently arrived...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nirere, Odette5,8,100,p Congolese Odette's baby boy, Cody, was...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nkiriyehe, Marina5,8,100,p
(also called Nkiriyehe Donatira Marina)
Rwandese In 2005 Marina's husband died of... MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nkumbuye, Ijuru7,9,120,p Congolese Ijuru cares for eight children... MORE
Ntakirutimana, Jennifer2,11,100,115,p,norway? Congolese Jennifer is 16 years old and lives with...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyanzoga, Milliam4,9,120,bd Congolese Milliam has been admitted to the hospital...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyirabagene, Stephanie2,8,120,138,p Congolese Stephanie is 17 years old and has one son...MORE
spacer Nyirabakunzi (N.Bakunzi), Sylivia, Karwera3,9,120,p Congolese Sylivia, is 70 years old and cares for two orphans...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyirabakunzi, Tereza3,11,120,138 Congolese Tereza is 65 years old...MORE
Mariya Peopleweaver Womenn's Economic Projects Nyirabarangana (N. Barangana), Maria (Mariya)3,8,120,p–12,200,p

Repaid 1st loan, Repaid 2nd loan

Rwanda Maria cares for her baby granddaughter...MORE
Peopleweaver Kyangwali microcredit Nyirabaresha, Paskazia (Nyiraneza) 9,10,120,p–11,140,120p,owes20

Repaid 1st and received 2nd loan

DR Congo Paskazia cares for 7 children, 3 are orphans...MORE
  Nyirabanditsim Uzamukunda (N. Banditsi)5,10,100,p Congolese In 2002 Uzamukunda's husband died...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyirabasoda (N. Basoda), Sofia5,8,100,p; 11,150,p

Repaid 1st loan, Repaid 2nd loan

Congolese Sofia is the mother of four surviving...MORE
Peopleweaver microfinance microcredit women empower Kyangwali Uganda Nyirabazungu, Sarah 11,100,p

Sarah has repaid her loan.

Congolese Sarah wants the loan to help a young boy...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyiraberwa (N. Berwa), Donatira 5,8,100,p–12,240,pd200,owes40

Repaid 1st loan, received 2nd loan

Congolese Donatira is married and has one son... MORE
Peopleweaver microfinance microcredit women empowerment Kyangwali Uganda Nyirabikari (N. Bikari), Mbundi6,8,100,p
She has paid her loan in full and gone back to the Congo.
Congolese Mbundi has five children to care for...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyirabirare (N. Birare), Leokadia8,100,p — 12,200,p

Repaid 1st and 2nd loans

Congolese Leokadia has baby twins and a...MORE
spacer Nyiragasanzwe (N.Gasanzwe), Specioza2,9,120,p Congolese Specioza had five chilren, three died since arriving...MORE
spacer Nyirahabimana (N. Habimana), Annonciata6,9,120,p Congolese Annonciata wants to send her two daughters to school...MORE
Kyangwali Women's
MicroCredit Loans Nyirahabinka (N. Habinka), Paskazia (Bicoro)6,9,100,p Congolese Paskaziya broke her leg...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyirahabizana (N. Habizana), Erina1,8,100,p Congolese Erina lives with one orphaned daughter who MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyirakaruhije (N. Karuhije), Janet 8,100,p–11,120,p

Repaid 1st loan, received 2nd loan

Congolese Janet is a widow who lives with her 13...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyirakarusha (N. Karusha), Fiodora3,8,120,p; 11,120,p

Repaid 1st loan, Repaid 2nd loan

Congolese When we visited in 2011 Fiodora's son had just died...MORE
Congolese Microfinance Nyiramahoro, Annah5,11,120,p DR Congo Since Anna's mother died she has care for four...MORE
Peopleweaver Kyangwali women's microcredit and adult education Nyirandeke (N. Ndeke), Stephania4,10,120,p DR Congo, immigrated to the USA (2015) Stephania has four children...MORE
Kyangwali Women's
MicroCredit Loans Nyiraneza (N. Neza), Kadodo6,8,100,115,p,esther ndatuje's mother Congolese Kadodo's husband died of asthma and...MORE
Kyangwali Women's
MicroCredit Loans Nyiransengimana (N.Nsengimana), Rosemary5,9,120,p Congolese Rosemary's is 36 years old. She has...MORE
Kyangwali Women's
MicroCredit Loans Nyirantezimana (N. Ntezimana), Peace2,9,100,p Congolese Peace ...MORE
Kyangwali Women's
MicroCredit Loans Nyirantozi (N. Ntozi), Catherine4,9,100,p Congolese Catherine is 17 years old...MORE
spacer Nyiranzarora (N.Nzarora), Alivera4,9,120,p Congolese In 1992 Alivera and her two children fled... MORE
Peopleweaver Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Congolese Microcredit Nyiranzayino (N. Nzayino), Fororida 8,9,100,bd Congolese Fororida cares for 2 orphans and 5 grandchildren. Fororida has not repaid...MORE
Peopleweaver Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Congolese Microcredit Nyirasafari (N.Safari), Budensiyana (Bigirabagaboa)4,9,120,138,p Congolese Budensiyana has three children...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Nyirasafari (N.Safari), Jeanine3,8,100,p Congolese Jeanine is an orphan who lives with...MORE
Kyangwali Women's Safari, Cecile5,11,180,january's wife Congolese Cecile calls her mother a heroine...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Uwihoreye, Maman Bone12,160 Congolese To be updated
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Uwimana Angela Soki 12,200

Angela repaid 120,000 via a in-kind goat, she owes 80,000 and interest.

Congolese Angela picked up an injured baby while fleeing the DRC...MORE
Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Loans Uzamukunda, Aline6,9,120,p Congolese Aline is 18 years old. Her father's legs...MORE
Kyangwali Women's Vumiliya, Cecile5,8,120,p

Increased farming, Livestock

Congolese Cecile is an experienced farmer who...MORE
spacer COVICA (Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda) The COBURWAS Victory Canteen’s main objective is to earn money to support children whose education might otherwise be interrupted because of warring conditions. The project is lead by a group of young refugees who fled the Congo in 2012 during renewed fighting between the M23 rebel group and government military forces.13-1,000,000,100p,owes900 Congolese To be updated
spacer Kagoma Development Association (KADEA) (Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda)12-2,000,000, Congolese To be updated
spacer TUUNGANE Micro-Credit Munsisa (Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda) This is the first Kyangwali MC group. They have been very successful and work well together. Before forming the MC group they worked individually.12-2,000,000,p Congolese To be updated
*All women live at the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda
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