• Microcredit loans

  • Malaria nets

  • HIV/AIDS program

    • Hospice care
    • Food for patient and family members
    • Care for those who will become orphans. For those who are old enough farming and skill training. Orphanage and foster care for young children.

    • Health seminars
  • Purchase of six sewing machines for WODE training project in Kenya ($1,800)

  • Training - Donations to support our school. Training includes English, nutrition and health, family management and development, business development

  • Reading glasses (non–prescription)

  • Shoe purchases for children. We would like to purchase these shoes in Uganda; this eliminates the cost of shipping and supports local businesses.

  • Purchase of a grain mill to be used in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement COOP ($3,000)

  • Mattress pads. People who sleep on the ground more likely to contract disease carried by insects.

  • Laptop(s) – new or lightly used

PeopleWeaver pays for all operating costs so that 100% of your donations go to the Kyangwali Women's MicroCredit Project.

Without your support these projects would not be possible. Thank you.

Peopleweaver has partnerships with:
Take The Magic Step - Uta Pippig Peopleweaver microcredit Kyangwali Uganda ICU Eyewear donates reading glasses to Peopleweaver for Congolese refugees


Peopleweaver microcredit Kyangwali Uganda


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