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Kyangwali Micro credit Fundraising Baskets and BeadsEco-Friendly Paper Bead Necklaces (Uganda)

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Women's Development Programs

We provide economic assistance such as microcredit loans to impoverished women in developing countries. The intent of this assistance is to help the community escape extreme poverty. Our efforts have been focused on the Congolese women refugees living in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement and in Pader, both located in Uganda.

Although our primary focus is microcredit, aid has also included food, schooling, supplies, reading glasses, malaria nets, medicine, communication tools, and two cooperative grain mills. We started a Free Little Library at a primary school in the settlement. Adding books and libraries is ongoing. In 2013 we partnered with Ciyota, a local grassroots organization, to start an adult education school. We hope to expand the school project to several locations.

Peopleweaver Kyangwali microcredit adult education

MALARIA NETS – for a more humane & better future

18-year-old, Bunana, show above on right, with her mother (Marina) and sister, died of malaria in January 2014.

Kyangwali Women's Microcredit Loans
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Take The Magic Step - Uta Pippig Peopleweaver microcredit Kyangwali Uganda ICU Eyewear donates reading glasses to Peopleweaver for Congolese refugees


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